Oojmed is a non-profit software development group, created and run by a single student.

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TxtToSL API Docs

The docs for TxtToSL's API. Based off the Carte Jekyll theme, with some fixes and modifications.

TxtToSL Web

A PWA (web app) which uses the TxtToSL API to create a simple user interface for translating text into sign language.

TxtToSL Site

The marketing / about site for TxtToSL.

TxtToSL API for Node

A simple Node module to allow using TxtToSL's API to translate text into sign languages.


This, our website. Made with Material Design Lite.


Get info on chemical formulas.


Genetic evolution / creature simulator web app.


"Sand falling" type physics simulator web game.


A simple text-based to download (and compile) Nintendo Switch homebrew / hacking tools.


A simple Chrome extension to unclickbait YouTube titles.


Randomizes the machine's SSH port.


Procedural random image / 'art' generator made in Rust.

Oojmed Status

A statusfy status site with our own custom dark mode theme.

Oojmed Blog

Jekyll Blog with our own custom theme.


A web fingerprinter. It can identify browser and adblocker via existing and our own new techniques.

Oojmed Chat Web App

The web app for the now deprecated / removed Oojmed Chat API. While the actual chat no longer works due to the API not being online, the design and CSS can still be used in future projects.


A HTML5 Browser game made with HTML5 Canvas and JS. Inspired by SkiFree, by Chris Pirih in 1991. Made from scratch using our own engine.

Floppy Birb

A HTML5 Browser game made with HTML5 Canvas and JS. A clone of Flappy Bird. Made from scratch using our own engine.

DVD Screensaver

A (bad) HTML5 recreation of that DVD Screensaver everyone goes on about.


1. Why non-profit?

We don't exist to make profit / money. We don't care about making money for profiting of ourselves. We make things as it's something to do, and something we are passionate about and have interests in.

2. How can I donate?

We (currently) do not accept any donations. Anyone or any site that is claiming to be us and taking donations are a scam.


You can contact us through our email, contact@oojmed.com. We also have social media accounts, linked on the header above.